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The town of Yavatmal is situated in the state of Maharashtra having a total area of 90 kilometres square. The town was named in the Marathi language and its meaning is Yavat(Mountain) and mal(row). According to the census report of the year 2011, the town has a population of 116,551 people, out of which 58,002 are females, and the rest 58,549 are males. The town of Yavatmal is very famous for its way of celebrating the Navratri festival, as the festival is organized on a huge scale. The Chintamani Ganpati Temple holds great importance in the hearts of local people. On normal days the Chintamani Ganpati temple is not too crowded however on some special occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi it attracts a massive crowd. The beautiful main idol of Lord Ganesha is established below the ground and you can have a great experience of worshipping the Idol just from 2 to 3 feet away. Then there is Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. The Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary covers a massive area of 148.63 kilometres square and is mostly hilly, and hence it supports various types of Flaura and Fauna. The Sanctuary derived its name from the goddess Tipai whose temple is located in the forest. There are rivers that fulfil the water need of the Sanctuary, these rivers are Tapti, Purna, Bhima, Krishna, etc. The Tipeshwar sanctuary houses various animals like the Royal Bengal Tiger, Sloth Bear, Leopards, etc. The sanctuary comprises a lesser area as compared to the other sanctuaries and hence it is easy to spot the animals here. The town of Yavatmal is amazing, and now the Fayda app is also functional in the town of Yavatmal. Through the Fayda app, the users can see the shops near them, and their products along with their prices and can also earn crypto coins while shopping from these apps.

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