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The city of Vadodara is located on the banks of the Vishwamitri River and earlier it was known by the name "Baroda". Vadodara is the second largest city in the state of Gujarat with an area of 420 kilometres square with a population of around 21.8 lakh people. To fulfil the needs of such a large population, Vadodara has a couple of markets in the city. One of the most popular markets in the city of Vadodara is "Teen Darwaza Bazaar". The Teen Darwaza Bazar is very popular for its ethnic wear. The Teen Darwaza bazaar is the best shopping destination for you if you want to shop for dress material, ghagra choli, bandhani sarees, & suits in Vadodara. Apart from the dress material, you can also go to the Teen Darwaza bazaar to shop for silver jewellery and you can get a good deal on silver jewellery if you have good bargaining skills. If you are someone from Vadodara or you have been in Vadodara, then you must have heard of "Mandvi". The Mandvi market is one of the best shopping destinations in Vadodara and it is very popular among tourists. The market of Mandvi offers a wide range of products like ethnic foot wears, locally made handicrafts, home decor items, silver ornaments, etc. There are a lot of eyecatchers in the Mandvi market, but the wall hangings that you will find there are definitely the show stopper. As the Vadodara has something for everyone, the same way our Fayda application has something for everyone. Our Fayda app users get to see the shops that are nearest to them, their products, and their prices as well. The Fayda app also gives an opportunity to earn from the app in crypto. While shopping through the Fayda app you can earn crypto coins as Fayda coins, and you can use the same crypto coins to get a discount on your next purchase with any Fayda associated shop.

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