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The city of Surat is a big city situated on the banks of river Tapti in the state of Gujarat. The city is very famous for its silk work and it is a big commercial centre for textiles. According to the census report of the year 2011, the city of Surat is home to a massive population of4,467,797 people, out of which 47% population are female and 53% of the population are male. The thing for which city of Surat is world famous because it is the world's biggest diamond manufacturing centre with around 5000 diamond manufacturing units. The SEZ (Special Economic Zone) of surat is also growing very fast as it is boasting over 100 listed companies. The gold and diamond jewellery of the city of Surat is very popular. The people of Surat have mastered the art of cutting and polishing the diamond, and hence you will get to find some of the best jewellery pieces in the shops of Surat. Another popular thing in the city of Surat is the Surat Castle. The castle was made by Khudawand Khan to save the city of Surat from frequent attacks. The Surat Castle is renovated and is open to tourists during the day only. Women love the city of Surat for its Silk sarees. The Silk sarees of surat are of fine quality come in beautiful colours and have a number of varieties as well. Some popular types of silk sarees are Tanchoi, Gajee, and Kinkhab which are being sold in the city of surat. If you are religious and want to visit temples in the city of Surat, then don't worry. The city of Surat has some of the best temples made in the city devoted to the gods. Another great thing about Surat is that the Fayda app is functional in the city of Surat and now you can earn crypto coins while shopping in the city of Surat.

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