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Solapur is a big city with an area of 98.67 kilometres square situated in the state of Maharashtra. According to the census reports of the year 2011, the total population of the city was 951,118. The city of Solapur is very famous for its power loom industries, chaddar, and handloom as well. The city also has some of the most lovely temples and monuments. There is a famous temple called the Akkalot Swami Samarth Maharaj Temple. The temple is always full of devotees but you don't need to worry because you will get the darshan of Samarth Maharaj without any hassle and will get a lot of peace and satisfaction in the temple. There are also facilities available for the night over in the Akkalot Swami Samarth Maharaj Temple. Shri Siddeshwar Temple situated in the city of Solapur is devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple is old and constructed beautifully. There is a lake surrounding the Shri Siddeshwar Temple that enhances the scenic beauty of the temple. Although it would be great if the lake gets cleaned and if the temple gets some restoration on the lakeside. In our recommendation, the Shri Siddeshwar Temple is worth visiting. Then there is the Bhuikot fort in the city of Solapur. The Bhuikot fort was built by the Mughal empire and the fort shows its history as well. The garden is well maintained but the fort needs urgent attention from the authorities to keep the fort well maintained. The city of Solapur is amazing, and now another amazing thing about the city of Solapur is that the Fayda app is now functional in the city. Now Fayda users can see the shops around them, their products, and their respective prices as well, so the users can choose the best deal for themselves. The users also get an opportunity to earn from the app in crypto while shopping.

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