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Sindhudurg is a district in the state of Maharashtra having an area of 5,207 kilometres square. According to the census report of the year 2011, the district of Sindhudurg is home to a total of 849,651 people which is roughly equal to the total population of the country of Qatar. The district of Sindhudurg is famous all around India for its long coastline and safe harbours. Apart from that, the district of Sindhudurg has some very beautiful temples too. The first temple that we would like to tell you about is the Shri Dev Rameshwar Temple. The Shri Dev Rameshwar Temple which is devoted to Lord Shiva was built in the period of the 16th century. It is said that the temple used to have 4 armed idols of Lord Shiva sitting on Nandi made of silver that was stolen. The temple is beautifully made and the main room where the Shiv Linga or Pindi is kept has 4 wooden pillars that have beautiful carvings all over them. If you are a history geek, then you must visit the Sindhudurg Fort. The construction of the Sindhudurg Fort was started in the year 1664 and was completed in the year 1667. The fort is built on a total area of a 48-acre rocky island, and it has a rampart that is 3 kilometres long 9.1 metres high, and 3.7 metres thick fortified walls. You must visit this beautiful fort and experience the beautiful view of the coast from the fort. After that, you should also explore Malvan beach. You should take the boat rides at Malvan beach as the dolphins are easily visible from these rides, and SCUBA diving is also fun from the beach. The district of Sindhudurg is very famous and puts a smile on a lot of people's faces, the same way our Fayda app spreads happiness. With the Fayda app, you can earn crypto while shopping.

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