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Sehore is a beautiful city situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh on the Bhopal and Indore highways. As per the census report of the year 2001, the population of the city of Sehore is around 90,930. Out of these around 48% of the population is female, and the rest of the 52% of the population is male. Sehore is a beautiful city with a lot of natural attractions. If you are visiting the city of Sehore, then you must visit the Bhimbetka Caves. The Bhimbetka caves are more than 35,000 years old caves and it has paintings inside it which were drawn 35,000 years ago. The caves are also very well maintained, but you won't be able to find much hospitability nearby. Then comes the Van Vihar National Park. The park is amazing with magnificent animals like Lion, foxes, bears, Leopard, tigers, etc. The herbivorous animals are kept in the open while the carnivorous animal is kept inside the fence. You can take your car inside for a 6 kilometres drive or you can also take an auto, electric vehicle, or bicycle for rent. You won't have to face trouble with food and beverages as there are enough canteens in the national park. There is also a snake park maintained inside the Van vihar national park, the main attraction of the snake park is the Great Indian python. Another beautiful destination is the Kolar dam. The dam is beautifully made in the lap of mother nature. The dam has a lot of water in the season of monsoon and you will also get to see a lot of activities of monkeys as well there. The city of Sehore is a beautiful place to visit, and the Fayda app is also functional there so that you can earn crypto while travelling too.

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