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Satara is a district situated in the state of Maharashtra having a total area of 22.42 kilometres square established in the 16th century during the reign of the Great Maratha Empire. According to the census report of the year 2011, the district of Satara is home to a total of 3,003,741 people, which is roughly equal to the total population of the country of Albania. The city of Satara is famous for its natural sites like the Kaas plateau, and Thoseghar. In the season of monsoon, the Kaas Plateau transforms into a beautiful wildflower wonderland. Then there is the Thoseghar Falls. The Thoseghar Falls is one of the highest falls in the country of India and the most visited waterfall in the state of Maharashtra. The waterfall is surrounded by a lot of greenery and you can experience the fresh and wonderful air coming out of it. If you like to do water sports, then you must visit Shivsagar Lake, the Shivsagar lake is one of the most beautiful spots in the district of Satara as it is surrounded by a lot of greenery and has clean and fresh water as well. In Shivsagar lake you can enjoy speed boating as well. If you are interested in history and adventures as well, then you must visit the Pratapgarh Fort. The Pratapgarh Fort is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the district of Satara. The fort is situated on a hilltop and hence you will get a beautiful view of the dense valley, lakes, and the entire city as well. Satara is a wonderful place that has so many natural marvels. Now the Fayda app is also functional in Satara so that the Fayda users can see the deals near them and choose the best one while earning crypto coins.

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