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Sangli is a city and a district as well situated in the state of Maharashtra. It is a big city having a total area of 200.2 kilometres square. Sangli is quite famous as the district has more than 30 sugar factories which are the largest in the country of India. The district of Sangli is not only famous for its sugar factories, but the district is quite famous for its turmeric and grapes as well. Sangli has a lot of temples too. One of the most famous temples of Sangli is the ISKCON Aravade, Sri Sri Radha Gopal Temple. The ISKCON Aravade, Sri Sri Radha Gopal Temple is a beautiful temple in the district of Sangli. The temple is very amazing and very calm and peaceful as well as it is surrounded by a beautiful Garden. If you are going to visit the ISKCON Aravade, Sri Sri Radha Gopal Temple, then make sure you attend the temple's aarti as it is one of a kind. As we are talking about temples, then let us tell you about one more amazing temple. The Sangmeshwar Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva situated on the banks of river Krishna. The Sangmeshwar temple is one of a kind temple with beautiful architecture. The temple is very old but still, it has its aura as it. This is one of the most beautiful temples that you can visit with your family and friends as well. The district of Sangli is full of wonders, and now the wonderful Fayda app is also operational in the district of Sangli. So now the Fayda users can see the Fayda-associated shops near them, their products along with their respective prices to choose the best deal for them. They will also get to earn from app as every time when they will shop with a Fayda-associated shop they will get to earn crypto coins.

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