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Rajkot is a city that is situated in the state of Gujarat, and it is also the fourth largest city in the state as well. As per the reports of the census 2011, the city of Rajkot is home to a total of 1,390,640 people. Out of which 47.47% of the population are females and 52.43% of the population are males. The city of Rajkot is famous for its silk work, watch parts, and gold jewellery as well. Apart from that, the city is also related to the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi as he spent a part of his childhood in the city of Rajkot. There are a few places in the city that you won't like to miss at all, one of these is Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum. It is a theme-based museum where the dolls are showcased and brought from 100 different countries all around the world. A total of 1500 dolls are showcased in the museum that holds the flag of their respective countries and along with that, a write-up is also there that tells us about the traditions and cultures of their respective countries. Another famous museum in the city of Rajkot is Watson Museum. The museum showcases the history of the city of Rajkot and of India as well in the colonial period. Apart from this, the museum also has paintings that belong to the great Indus Valley Civilization and it also has beautiful pictures of Saurashtra who was a royal princess. Another great place in the city of Rajkot is the Aji dam. The dam is built on the river Aji and it has the responsibility to distribute the water supply in the city and also to maintain the ecological balance of the city. By the dam, there is also an amusement park and zoo that makes the Aji dam a good picnic spot to spend a day with your family. Also, use the Fayda app in the city of Rajkot to earn exciting crypto rewards.

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