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The district of Purulia is situated in the state of West Bengal having a total area of 6,259 kilometres square. According to the census report of the year 2011, the district of Purulia is home to a total of 2,930,115 people, having a population density of 468 per square kilometre. The district of Purulia is blessed with a lot of natural wonders. One of the wonderful places is the Ajodhya hills. The Ajodhya hills are linked to Lord Ram and Goddess Sita from Ramayan the Epic. It is said that the Bhagwan Ram and Maa Sita stayed on Ajodhya hills during their exile. The Ajodhya hills are blessed with a lot of natural beauty, the place is surrounded by a dense forest full of wildlife, you can hear different sounds of different birds, and you can also see a couple of lakes in Ajodhya hills. There is another famous hill that is called the Joychandi Pahar. The Joy Chandi Pahar is named after the goddess Chandi and the temple is also built and devoted to the goddess Chandi on top of the Joychandi Pahar. To reach the temple of Goddess Chandi, one has to climb a total of 400 steps to worship Maa Chandi in the temple. The view from the temple is amazing, and there is also a festival celebrated every year that is called the "Joychandi Pahar Paryatan Utsav", the motive of organizing this festival is to provide a platform for the local artisans to exhibit their arts. As the district of Purulia is full of wonders, there is another wonderful thing about the district is that now the Fayda app is operational in the district of Purulia. So now the Fayda users can see the shops around them, their products along with their respective prices, and you can also earn crypto coins while shopping with any of the Fayda-associated shops.

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