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Punjab is a state in the country of India having an area of 50,362 kilometres square and shares its borders with the country of Pakistan. Punjab is home to a total of 27,743,338 people, out of which 13,103,873 are females, and 14,639,465 are males. The state of Punjab is always been the land of great fighters and saints as well. But the state of Punjab is famous for its various tourist spots as well. The famous Shri Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara also known as Golden Temple is there in the State of Amritsar, and the Five Takhts are the temporal seats of Sikhism, out of which three are located there in the State of Punjab. The State of Punjab is very famous for its traditional dance, that is "Bhangra". The dance of Bhangra is done on Dhol with a very energetic rhythm. The people of the state of Punjab does the Bhangra not only on festivals, but they alsodo Bhangra to enjoy small moments of happiness and celebration. The state of Punjab is also very famous worldwide because of Punjabi music. Punjabi music is loved by many countries all around the world, and in the countries like the United Kingdom, and Canada Punjabi music has an official genre as well. Another famous thing in the state of Punjab is Punjabi cuisine. In India, various Punjabi dishes like chole kulche are famous in many states of the country. The Punjabi dishes like "Butter Chicken" and "Chicken Tikka" for non-vegetarians, and in veg for the winter season "Sarson Ka Saag" with "Makke ki Roti" is very famous worldwide. As the state of Punjab is full of different flavours, we have also added the flavour of cryptocurrency to the state of Punjab. Now the Fayda app is functional in the state of Punjab, so now the Fayda users can go shopping in Punjab and earn crypto coins.

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