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Pune is an important city in the state of Maharashtra situated in the western part of the country. In the past Pune was known as the base of the Maratha empire where the "peshwas" is now known as the "prime ministers" used to reside. The modern Pune is a proper fusion of traditional culture and modern technology as ancient buildings like Shaniwar Wada, Lal Mahal, kasba Ganapati temple, etc. are well preserved, and on the modern technological side, the IT industry is on a boom in Pune. The city of Pune is one of the best cities in India to live into because of its very helpful people, the wonderful weather of the city, and the cost of living in Pune is very reasonable. The fashion street of Pune located on Bhavani peth is a popular shopping destination for clothing. The clothes here are available at very cheap prices and it is possible that your shopping will fit into your planned budget even without bargaining. In the fashion street, there are around 450 stalls that sell quality stuff at very affordable rates. Bajirao street is another shopping spot in the city of Pune. Bajirao street is full of items that will help you to decorate your house. The market is a hot spot for high-end furniture and the shops here even offer you customised furniture services even self designed furniture is also possible in the Bajirao market. In India, there is no lack of food lovers. So for them, the speciality food that Pune has to offer is Vada Pav, Dabheli, And the famous Pav Bhaji. As the city of Pune is rich in a number of flavours, the same way our Fayda app is very rich in benefits for its users. As our users love to shop we give an opportunity to earn from the app in crypto while shopping. Every time you will shop through Fayda you will get free crypto coins as Fayda coins, and you will be able to use the same crypto coins to get a discount on your next shopping with any Fayda associated shop.

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