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Poonch is an important town near the line of control in Jammu. As per the census of the year 2011, the total population of the town of Poonch is 26,854, out of which around 40% of the population is female and the rest 60% of the total population is male. The town of Poonch is having great historical significance as it was ruled by a number of rulers who were both local and foreign. The famous Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang, who travelled to the town in the 6th century has said that the town of Poonch is a good place for graphics, good horses, and good tea that is called "Musloom" in the local language. The town of Poonch is having some great natural sites like Nandishool. It is a very beautiful waterfall with a height of 150 feet, the waterfall gets its water from the famous Pir Panchal and ends up falling on a glacier. The place is famous among tourists and that is why there is also a tourist hut developed near the Nandishool waterfall by the Rural Development Department. Now let us tell you about another great spot that is called Than Pir. The spot is situated at a very commanding position and from the spot you can get a very beautiful view of places like POK, Suran Valley, Mandi, and Poonch as well. There is also a shrine at Than Pir which looks absolutely mesmerizing with the beautiful green pasture around it. As the town of Poonch is absolutely worth visiting, we have also made our Fayda app available and operating in the town. Now you can use the Fayda app to see the shops near you, their products along with their respective prices so that you can choose the best deal for yourself. You can also earn crypto rewards from the Fayda app while shopping.

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