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The city of Osmanabad is now renamed "Dharashiv" situated in the district of Osmanabad in the state of Maharashtra. The city was named "Osmanabad" after the name of Mir Osman Ali Khan who was the last ruler of Hyderabad. The city of Osmanabad/Dharashiv is very famous for its food. The Osmanabadi goat mutton is a particularly famous one, the boiled mutton is served with Rassa or Sherva called in the local language. The city of Osmanabad/Dharashiv is also very famous for the sweet dish Gulab Jamun that are made up of Sugar, Maida, and Khoa as well. In the city of Osmanabad/Dharashiv, there are a number of spots that you should visit. There is a place called the Dharashiv Caves. The caves are a beautiful example of cut rock architecture that was built in the 5th century A.D. Researchers also say that the caves were originally Buddhist and later on patronized by the people of the Jain community. Then there is the Paranda Fort. The Paranda Fort is a great example of military architecture and engineering in the state of Maharashtra. The Paranda Fort is one of the most well-maintained forts as it is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. If you want to visit a religious place then you can visit Shri Tuljabhavani Mandir. The temple is devoted to the Goddess Tulja, if you want to visit the temple then you should visit the temple during the festival of Navratri to get the most amazing experience. In the month of Shard, the idol of Goddess Tulja is kept in the sleeping position, and as soon as the period of Shard ends, the idol is again kept in the original position. The city of Osmanabad/Dharashiv is full of wonders, and another wonderful thing about the city is that the Fayda app is functional in the city so that you can earn crypto coins while shopping.

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