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The district of Nandurbar is a vast district having a total area of 5,955 kilometres square, situated in the state of Maharashtra. According to the census report of the year 2011, the district of Nandurbar is home to a total of 1,309,135 people, out of which 49.38% is the female population, and 50.62% is the male population. The district of Nandurbar came into the limelight in the year of 2006, when the disease named bird flu hit the poultry farms of the district. If you are going to the district of Nandurbar then there are some spots that you must go and see. The first one is Asthamba. The holy place of Asthamba is linked with the warrior Ashvasthama who was the son of Guru Dronacharya and was also a Mythical character in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Then there is also a hot water spring that is called the Unpdev hot water springs. The Unpdev hot water spring is situated in Shahada taluka. In the Unpdev the hot water comes from a structure that looks like a cow's mouth. Then there is Toranmal Hill Station. The Toranmal Hill Station is situated 1,143 metres above sea level. The Toranmal Hill Station attracts a lot of adventurers and photographers. The scenic beauty of the hills is a delight to the eyes and a photographer will be blessed with a lot of good shots. There are various stories behind the name of the hills. Some say the hills are named Toranmal because of the plant "Torana" that is commonly found there, while others say the hills are named Toranmal hills because of the temple devoted to the goddess "Torana" situated on top of the hills. The district of Nandurbar is full of wonders, and now the Fayda app is also functional in the district so that you can earn crypto coins while shopping.

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