Stores in najirpur

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Najirpur is a small town situated in the state of West Bengal, it is located near the India and Bangladesh border as well. It is a very small town, probably you have never heard of it before. So let us tell you about this town in a few words. There is a supermarket called Karim supermarket. In the supermarket, you will get to see various self-service shops that serve a variety of food items. You can get your favourite food and have a good time with your friends and family while sitting and eating there. Other than food and beverages, you will also get to see shops for various household items as well. The shops are very organized and have a different section for everything. You can go there and buy things at your convenience without any hassle. The supermarket also has shops for meat, pharmacy, and dairy products as well. So the Karim supermarket can be your one-stop destination for all of your daily needs. Najirpur is a small town and the shops are not much known in this town. To solve this problem we have brought the Fayda platform. On the Fayda platform, we have listed genuine and trusted sellers that sell quality products at a reasonable price. The platform is completely free for the seller and even we do free marketing for their business as well without charging anything in return. We also want to provide benefits to our Fayda users as well, and that is why our fayda users also get to earn from the app in crypto coins. Every time the user shops through the Fayda-associated shops, they get some value back in terms of Fayda coins which are basically crypto coins. The user can also avail of the discount for themselves for their next shopping with any shop that is associated with the Fayda platform.

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