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Nagpur is situated in Maharashtra and it is also the third largest city in Maharashtra. Nagpur is an old city, but the modern Nagpur is developing very fast and is also ranked second all over India, and first in Maharashtra for the developing smart cities ranked by the Union Ministry of Urban Development. As the city is growing rapidly, the popularity of cafes is also growing rapidly in Nagpur. Many domestic and international coffee chains are looking forward to entering Nagpur due to the popularity of cafes among youth, However many of the cafe chains have already entered Nagpur and are operating well. As we are already discussing the food and beverages in Nagpur, let us tell you about the "Sarafa Bazaar". In the Sarafa Bazaar, you will get fine-quality gold and silver jewellery ornaments that will not disappoint you. But the Sarafa bazaar is even better when it comes to food. You will be able to find a large variety of food and choose to eat whatever you want to according to your mood and taste. The prices are affordable and you can have a nice time there with your friends and your favourite food. If you are into clothing, then you should not miss the seasonal Tibetan market at all. In the Tibetan market, you can get all types of winterwear under the same roof. However, the prices are non-negotiable there although the items that are there are already being sold at quite reasonable rates. Whether it is the Tibetan market or Sarafa bazaar, you will see small sellers selling quality products at reasonable rates. So we have listed some shops on our Fayda platform. The users can see the shops near them, their products along with the prices on the Fayda app. The users also get an opportunity to earn from the app as every time they shop through any fayda associated shop, they get some rewards in the form of cryptocurrency.

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