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Nadia is a small district located in the state of West Bengal. The area of Nadia is a total of 3,927 square kilometres where a total of 5,167,600 people reside. It is located in the centre of the Bengal plains, and it is one of those last regions where the Sena dynasty ruled. Apart from that, you can see a lot of rivers flowing from Nadia districts like the Padma, and the distributor river of river Ganga as well. If you are planning to visit Nadia, then let us tell you that the place is full of tourist spots. First, we will talk about "Krishnanagar", the place that holds historical importance, the city emerged from the Ganga and can teach you a lot of cultural values. Now talking about the ISKCON Chandrodaya Mandir, the temple is situated in Mayapur and is dedicated to Radha Krishna. The place is very clean and very well organised as well. If you are a bit artistic, then you must visit Ghurni in Krishnanagar. The place is famous for Clay art, and you will get to see various arts of various artists, and their own studious as well. Another famous place is Rajbari Krishnanagar, The palace of Maharaj Krishnachandra is known as Rajbari Krishnanagar. The palace holds great historic importance and you can be left mesmerized seeing the aura of the palace. Although now the palace is not in very good condition and it is open to the public on a few very special occasions. Nadia is a royal district and you can definitely visit there. If you are visiting Nadia then don't leave any opportunity to use Fayda and earn from the app in cryptocurrency. You can also avail discount on your shopping with any Fayda-associated shops with the help of these crypto coins.

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