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Muzaffarpur is a small city situated in the Muzaffarpur district in the state of Bihar. The city of Muzaffarpur is very famous for its Shahi lychees. The city of Muzaffarpur is home to a total of 393,724 people, out of which 52.96% are males and 47.04% are females. Let us tell you about some of the places that you can visit if you visit Muzaffarpur. The first one is Garib Sthan Mandir, it is a beautiful temple and you will also get to see people from various districts coming here to worship Lord Shiva. Lychee gardens are also a very popular tourist spot in the city of Muzaffarpur. The city produces over 3 lakh tonnes of lychees every year and if you visit the city of Muzaffarpur in the month of May and June then you will get to eat fully ripped Lychees for sure. Another attraction is Jubba Sahni park. The park was named after the freedom fighter Jubba Sahni, there is nothing unique about the park but still, it is very popular among tourists and locals as well. Khudiram Bose Memorial is also a tribute to another freedom fighter "Khudiram Bose". The young freedom fighter was executed in the year 1908 along with another freedom fighter Prafool Chaki for throwing a bomb on Kingsford, the British session judge of Muzaffarpur then. The tourists love to visit this place listening to the story of these young freedom fighters. Another great place you can visit in Muzzafarpur is Ramchandra Shahi Museum. The museum was built in the year 1979 and it exhibits great items like ancient artefacts, utensils, ancient statues, etc. Well if you are in Muzaffarpur and looking for some great discounts and deals then you can use the Fayda app. On the fayda app, you will get the best deals and will also get an opportunity to earn from app in cryptocurrency.

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