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The place Mhow is officially known as Dr Ambedkar Nagar. As per the 2011 census, Mhow was the home of a total of 85,023 people, out of which 54% of the population was made up of males, and the rest 46% of the population was made up of females. Mhow is also known for its military background. There are 3 training institutes for the Indian army in Mhow. The institutes are The Military School of Telecommunication Engineering (MCTE), The Infantry school, and the Army War College. If you want to visit Mhow, then you must visit Bhim Janm Bhoomi. This monument was built in the memory of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar as Mhow is his birthplace. Then you can also visit Choral Dam. The place is full of beautiful scenic views and you can also go boating there. There are also some resorts available in case you want to spend a night by the river. Then there is Patalpani Waterfall. The Patalpani waterfall is very famous in Mhow and the nearby cities. It is a nice and clean place where you can go with your friends and family to enjoy a nice weekend and also have some roasted corn by the waterfall. As Mhow is a popular tourist spot among the nearby cities, there are very good hotels and resorts available in Mhow. So you can plan a small weekend trip with your friends and family to Mhow for a short and relaxing weekend trip. There are many sellers of Mhow associated with Fayda so the customers can easily see the best deals around them and can also get some of the best discounts too. The customers also get an opportunity to earn from the app while shopping as every time they shop through any Fayda-associated shop they get to earn rewards in the form of crypto coins.

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