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Medak is a small town in the Medak district situated in the state of Telangana. Around 44,255 people reside in the town of Medak that is having a total area of 22 kilometres square. Out of the 44,255 people, 22,919 people are females, and 31,336 people are male. In the town of Medak, the Medak fort is situated. The fort was built by Pratap Rudra who was a Kakatiyan ruler. The fort is built on a hilltop that takes 500 steps to reach the fort. On the hill, the fort occupies a total area of 100 acres. The fort has 3 entrances and these are "Pratham Dwaram", "Simha Dwaram", and the "Gaja Dwaram". Inside the fort, there were a couple of things, and these things are a lake, a warehouse, a mosque belonging to the 17th century, and a barrack as well. Then there is another popular monument and that is the Medak church also known as Medak Cathedral. After the Vatican church, the Medak church is the second largest church in the entire world and it is the largest church in entire Asia. The church was inaugurated in the year of 1914 and the construction was completed in the year of 1924. The architect of the Medak church was Thomas Edward Harding who made the roof of the church soundproof with a material called the hollow sponge. The life of Jesus is also depicted beautifully on the 3 stained windows of the Medak Church, and it is also said that when the nizam of Hyderabad came to know about the height of Medak Church is being taller than the Chaar Minar, he made effort to reduce it as well. You sure want to explore the city of Medak, so explore it with the Fayda app and earn crypto coins.

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