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Malegaon is the second largest city in the district of Nashik situated in the state of Maharashtra. According to the census report of the year 2011, the total number of people that resides in the city of Malegaon is 576,425. Out of this 49% is female population and 51% is male population. If you are visiting the city of Malegaon, then you must visit the Malegaon Fort. The Malegaon Fort was built by the Maratha King Narav Shankar in the year 1765. It is said that the fort was being guarded by 310 Arab warriors who were very well trained. The city of Malegaon has a very large population of the Muslim religion, and hence there are more than 300 mosques in the city of Malegaon. But there is one very beautiful Mosque called the "Shahi Masjid". The Shahi Masjid is a very beautiful piece of architecture that covers around 40 acres of land in which India's largest cemetery is also located. Then if you like to read, then there is an Urdu Library. The Urdu Library is sixty years old and has books of all the genres like Literature, Humor, fiction, poems, History, Civilizations, Health, Medicine, and Education as well. The Urdu Library is also believed to be one of the best-equipped libraries that are there in the entire country of India. As the city of Malegaon is very rich in historical values, the same way our Fayda platform also adds value to its user's life. The Fayda shop is for sellers where they can log in, create their digital products, and can also list their products and services. Then there is the Fayda app, the Fayda app is for customers where they can see the shops near them and earn crypto coins while shopping through the Fayda app.

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