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The city of Kolhapur is situated on the banks of the river Panchaganga in the state of Maharashtra. According to the census reports of the year 2011, the city of Kohlapur is a place to stay for a total of 549,236 people. The city of Kohlapur has a lot of cultural and historical importance. But you must have heard the name of the city of Kohlapur with a product, that product is "Chappals". Yes, you are right, you have heard about the Kohlapuri Chappals that are famous and sold worldwide. The city of Kohlapur is not only famous for its chappals, but also for its cuisines. The cuisines that are famous in the city of Kohlapur are Mutton Masala, Potato Masala, Bhel Puri, Misal Pav, and sponge dosa as well. If you are religious and in the city of Kohlapur, then you must visit the Mahalaxmi Temple. The Mahalaxmi Temple is a very beautiful temple that is devoted to the Goddess Laxmi, and the idol of Goddess Laxmi is beautifully decorated with diamonds and other precious stones. Then if you would like to enjoy a quiet and chilled place, then you should visit Rankala Lake. The Rankala lake is one of the oldest lakes built in India that was built by the Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The lake got its name from the Rankabhairav temple which is situated in the middle of the lake. The Rankala lake is also popular for horse riding, and for boating as well. As the city of Kolhapur is full of values, the same way our Fayda app also adds value to its user's life. The Fayda app gives rewards in crypto coins every time the user shops through any Fayda-associated shop. The user can then use the same coins to get discounts as well.

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