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The town of Kokrajhar is a small town situated in the state of Assam. According to the census report of the year 2001, the town of Kokrajhar is home to a total of 31,152 people, out of which 48% of the population is female, and the rest 52% population is male. The place is famous for its three spots, and that spots are Hanuman Temple, Kali Temple, and Charkrashila Wildlife Sanctuary. The Hanuman Mandir of Kokrajhar is quite famous, as devotees from all over India visit the Hanuman Temple in the town of Kokrajhar. The temple is beautifully architected and situated in a very peaceful location. Visiting the temple fills your mind with calmness and tranquillity in the devotees. In Kokrajhar, there is a temple that is devoted to Maa Kali, which is 1000 years old. The temple presents an example of communal harmony as the temple is taken care of by the Muslim community. The Muslim community says that they get peace while working for the temple and like it very much, their work gets a lot of appreciation from the devotees as well. Now we will move to the Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary. The poster boy of Charkrashila Wildlife Sanctuary is the golden langurs. That is the second area that is protected for golden langurs in India. The sanctuary covers a vast area of 45.568 kilometres square. The sanctuary is home to many animals and birds like Bengal Fox, alligator, crocodiles, turtles, jackal, purple heron, Indian pond heron, red-necked falcon, bronze-winged jacana, and many other animals and birds. Now the Fayda app is also functional in the town of Kokrajhar so the users using the Fayda app can shop with the Fayda associated shops and earn Fayda coins that are a type of crypto coins as a reward while shopping.

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