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Jalgaon is a small city having an area of 68.24 kilometres square situated in the state of Maharashtra. The city of Jalgaon is also known by the name "Gold City. It is called Gold City because you can find Gold in its purest form in the city of Jalgaon which is also at a great price. Apart from the Gold, the city of Jalgaon is also known for its delicious bananas. If you are planning to visit the city of Jalgaon, then you must visit the Gandhi Research Foundation. The Gandhi Research Foundation is an interactive multimedia museum that showcases the ideology and life lessons of Shri Mahatma Gandhi. The Gandhi Research Foundation is the world's largest audio air-conditioned guided museum that takes 2 to 3 hours for the complete tour. The museum has more than 30 sections that have 3-D Mapping and Animation, Bioscope, Touch Screen, and Digital Books as well. There is also a library in the Gandhi Research Foundation that has 9000 books written by Mahatma Gandhi, and written on Mahatma Gandhi. The museum is not only for history geeks, but it is also for students, families, and researchers because the place is the house of so many activities like boating, horse riding, swimming, and industrial tour for PVC pipes and for the drip manufacturing plants, and also the eco-tour visit to the solar energy project and biogas plant. As the city of Jalgaon is having such lovely places and to make the city of Jalgaon even more lovely, we would like to tell you that now the Fayda app is functioning in the city of Jalgaon. So now you can go out with your families and friends for shopping, and while shopping with the Fayda app you will get to earn Fayda coins which are a form of crypto coins. And you can use these crypto coins to get a discount on your future shopping.

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