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"Indore is a part of west-central India. The famous and historic buildings this city has are The Lal Baag Palace, and the Rajawad Palace which is a 7 storeys tall building. These buildings belong to the 19th century which was ruled by the Holkar dynasty in west-central India. In Chattribagh, the Holkar dynasty is honoured by a number of Monuments. The Indore is also a place where you will get to eat delicious food at any hour of the day. The Sarafa Bazaar is one of the favourite places for food lovers to visit at night and the timing of the bazaar is 9 PM to 2 AM, & 7 days a week. Indore is a big city having a total area of 525 km square and a population of 21,70,295 people. Indore is also known as the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh and it is also known for the Madhya Pradesh stock exchange. In the Swachh Survekshan Surveys, Indore has also topped the list and is consistent with the 1st position for the cleanest city in India since 2017. Apart from this Indore has also received the first water plus certification in the country and it is also open defecation free. The youth of Indore is also getting more and more financially aware, and as per the research, they are very active with cryptocurrency on ""coinmarketcap"". This is one of the main reasons that in a very less amount of time 1000+ shop owners have joined Fayda platforms. As Fayda gives rewards in crypto coins and the people of Indore are actively using ""coinmarketcap"" they also get to know about the benefits that they get from the Fayda platform. The main benefits of the Fayda platform are: - You get to earn from the app. You get to earn cryptocurrency. You can use cryptocurrency for shopping. You will get 1000+ shop owners listed on Fayda in Indore itself. And the application is free for now. Day by day more and more customers and shop owners are joining the Fayda platform for free and getting 1000 free crypto coins by the name of Fayda coins and that is also what you can get for free. "

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