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Gossaigaon is a small but developing town situated in the state of Assam. According to the census report of the year 2011, the total population of the town of Gossaigaon is 9,068, out of which 4,286 are females, and 4,782 are males. Gossaigaon is a small town, but still, there are quite a few places to see. So let us first tell you about the Chilapata Forest. The Chilpata forest is a very dense forest, and while travelling on the road between the forest you will get to see beautiful scenery. The ideal time to visit the forest is between October and March. They have friendly people and also serve good food. If you are in love with nature and wildlife, then you have to visit the Buxa tiger reserve. The Buxa Tiger reserve is a good place surrounded by forest where you will find spotting the tigers quite hard, but you will get to see magnificent sightings of a lot of other animals. We have talked a lot about nature and wildlife, so let's talk about History a bit. Let us tell you about the Cooch Behar Palace, the palace is a beautiful piece of architecture that still makes the visitors fall in love with its beauty. From the outside, the palace is complemented by the beautiful green scenery outside the palace, and on the inside, a museum is preserved that gives you a lot of knowledge, artefacts and legends related to them. The town of Gossaigaon is amazing and developing, and to contribute to its growth the Fayda app is also now functional in the town of Gossaigaon so that the users can earn crypto coins by choosing the best deal for themselves on the Fayda app and by shopping with any of the shops that are associated with the Fayda platform.

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