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The city of Gondia is situated in the state of Maharashtra. Gondia is a small city having a total area of 55 kilometres square. The city of Gondia is a developing city having a sex ratio of 991 females per 1000 males. According to the census report of the year 2011, the city of Gondia is home to a total of 1,322,331 people, which is roughly equal to the population of the country of Mauritius. If you are planning to visit the city of Gondai, then you must visit the Hazara Falls. Hazara Falls is a beautiful weekend getaway destination. There is a lot of water in the fall, & the staff is very informative and supportive also. You can go there and appreciate the beauty of mother nature while sitting there and relaxing. Then if you are someone who loves greenery and wildlife too, then you have to visit Nawegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve. The reserve has a very dense and quiet forest where lives a number of species. The Nawegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve is a good place to spend your weekend, but getting a sight of an exotic animal is hard. If you want to visit a religious place in the city of Gondia, then you must visit the Suryadeo Mando Devi Temple. The Suryadeo Mando Devi Temple is a nice spot to go with your family and friends. The temple is situated 30 kilometres away from the city of Gondia, and the temple is a beautiful piece of architecture. There is also a pond and garden available near the Suryadeo Mando Devi Temple which is a good spot to meditate and to click some beautiful pictures as well. Another beautiful thing about the city of Gondia is that the Fayda app is functional in the city so that the users can earn crypto coins while shopping with Fayda-associated shops.

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