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Ghaziabad district is a city situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh and it also shares a part with Delhi NCR. The city of Ghaziabad is also home to around 1,729,000 people. It is also the biggest city in western Uttar Pradesh having an area of about 210 kilometres square. The city of Ghaziabad is not much blessed with natural scenery, but if you want to spend a nice day in the city then you can go to Shipra Shopping Mall. The mall has a number of options for you, clothing is the speciality of this mall, and apart from clothing, the mall also has delicious food counters and shops for visitors. If you have kids coming along with you then there is nothing to worry about as there is a special place in the mall where your kids will be kept entertained. How can we not talk about the ISKCON Temple of Ghaziabad? The temple is owned by the ISKCON trust and also maintained by the same. The place is very neat, clean, and quiet. You can come any day here to relax and to listen to Bhagwan's vaani, except for one day which is Janmashtami. On the day of Janmashtami, the ISKCON temple is beautifully decorated with a lot of flowers and fragrances, and there is a wave of devotees in the ISKCON temple on Janmashtami. Then you can also go to Laxmi Narayan Temple. The Laxmi Narayan Temple is quite far away from the city but the temple is worthy of this travel. The architecture of the temple is very charming and in the quiet environment, you can worship Lord Narayan and Maa Laxmi with all your devotion. The Fayda app is also there in the city of Ghaziabad and is ready to show you the best deals and give you amazing rewards through crypto.

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