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Gaya is a city situated in the state of Bihar. The city is very rich in religious values for the Hindu religion as it has various important and ancient temples, and the city also has a Brahma Kund pond in which the devotees take bath to honour their deceased ancestors. The city is having a good area of 308 kilometres square to welcome the devotees and to inhabit the local people. Let us tell you about a few important tourist spots. First, we will tell you about Mangla Gauri Temple. The Mangla Gauri temple is one of the 18 Shaktipeeths. The temple of Maa Gauri is there along with the temples of Lord Shiva, Ganesh, and Hanuman Ji. There is a huge line for Darshan and there is a VIP line as well. Now let us tell you about the Shri Vishnu Padam temple as well. This temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu where the devotees can take the blessing from Lord's lotus feet. The devotees can also touch the Lord's lotus feet to offer their prayers. Now we would also like to tell you about the Tibetan Monastery in a few words. The Tibetan monastery of Gaya is a beautiful piece of Tibetan architecture. Just like other Buddhist monasteries, the Tibetan Monestry is also very quiet and peaceful so you can go there and meditate and relax. Now let us tell you about the Barabar Hills as well. These hills are located 25 kilometres away from the city of Gaya. You will get to see the amazing rock-cut architecture in Barabar Hills and there are also temples made inside the caves. You will find the temple of Lord Shiva on top of the Hill of the highest mountain in the Barabar Hills. As you now know all these amazing things about Gaya, let us tell you another amazing thing and that is the Fayda app is operational in Gaya. So now you can see the best deals around you and can also earn crypto coins.

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