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The city of Dhamtari is situated in the state of Chattisgarh. The total area that comes under Dhamtari is 4,084 kilometres square. The city of Dhamtari alone is the home to approx 3.13% of the population of the entire state of Chattisgarh. If you are in Dhamtari or passing by the city of Dhamtari, then you must visit the Madamsilli Dam. The dam is a beautiful spot to just sit back and relax, you should visit this dam, especially in the season of monsoon or winter. If you are into fishing then you can easily get some fish with the help of a fishing rod and in the season there are a number of custard apples grown there which you can just pluck from the trees and enjoy their freshness. After the Madamsilli Dam, there is another dam called Gangrel Dam it is very fun to visit the place. The Gangrel Dam is the longest dam in Chattisgarh built over the Mahanadi River. The dam is a very beautiful spot to spend a day with your friends and family, and also there is a garden that is well maintained where you can click some beautiful pictures for your social handles and can also relax and enjoy the scene as well. If you like adventures then there are a lot of water rides as well that you can enjoy during your time on the Gangrel Dam. As the city of Dhamtari has so much to offer, the same way Fayda app also offers you a lot of things. On the Fayda app, you will get to see the shops around you and the best deals they are providing. You can also earn from the app in crypto on every shopping you do with any of the Fayda-associated shops, and you can also avail yourself of some discounts too.

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