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The Chhindwara district has the largest area in the state of Madhya Pradesh at 11,815 square kilometres. The city is also known as the "Corn city", The corn is grown in the entire district of Chhindwara as the soil is very suitable for it. Apart from the corns, Chhindwara also grows oranges in a very large quantity during summers. Chhindwara is also a very popular tourist spot as it has spots like Patalkot valley, Pench National Park, Tamia, etc. The city is also having some old industries like leather, pottery, and ornaments made up of brass, metal, and sink. On the outskirts of the district, various vegetables like potatoes are grown and later on they are exported to the other districts as well. There are some famous markets in the city as well. The Gandhi Ganj market is very famous as you can get all kinds of food grains and hosiery items there and you can also buy them at wholesale prices. Another famous market is "Flower Market", in the Flower market you will get all types of fresh flowers for all types of events like anniversaries, valentines, family functions, etc. at an affordable price and you can also get them with some decoration. If you are looking for groceries in Chhindwara then you must visit "Ganj sabzi mandi market". The Ganj sabzi mandi market has sellers that provide fresh vegetables at very cheap rates. These vegetables are very healthy and you can shop for fresh vegetables from the market daily. As these small sellers provide quality products at very reasonable prices, we have listed the small sellers on our Fayda platform. The Fayda users can see the sellers near them along with their products and their prices. The users can also earn from the app by shopping from any Fayda-associated shop and earn crypto coins as rewards.

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