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Burhanpur is a city situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh, the city has a rich history of rulers as it was ruled by the Mughals and then was conquested by the Maratha Empire. But today Burhanpur is not only having historic importance but economic importance as well. The textile industry of Burhanpur is very famous and it is also the largest hub of the power loom in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Not only the textile, but Burhanpur produces the most quantity of Bananas in the state as well. It also has a vast market for "Unani" medicines. The biggest contributor to the economy of Burhanpur is the textile industry. The city has various companies that are working in the textile industry like "Tapti Mills", "Kamal Textiles", etc. As Burhanpur is a blend of various industries, many small sellers and manufacturers are there found on the street selling quality products in their shops. All these small sellers work hard and make quality products available to their customers at very reasonable prices, but still, they are not able to make as much money as they deserve to earn. This is due to the presence of tough competition from large E-commerce companies that get most of the customers as they have a huge amount of resources available to them. The small sellers are clearly not able to compete with these E-commerce giants, and due to less awareness, the customers are also not able to find genuine sellers who sell quality products offline. To solve this problem, we have brought the Fayda platform on which the customers will be able to see the shops near them and the products they are selling along with their prices. The customers also get the opportunity to earn from the app in cryptocurrency, as every time they shop through any Fayda-associated shop they get rewards in crypto coins.

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