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Buldhana is a small district in the state of Maharashtra. The population of the district of Buldhana is around 2,586,258 according to the census report of the year 2011. The population of the district of Buldhana is also roughly equal to the population of the nation of Kuwait. If you intend to visit the district of Buldhana, then there are some spots that you must visit. There is a temple named "Gajanan Maharaj Temple". The Gajanan Maharaj Temple is beautifully made. The beauty of the temple speaks for the hard work that the people have done to build the temple and also to maintain the temple. On the temple premises, meals like breakfast are also provided at a very nominal price to the devotees. Another place that you must visit is Lonar Crater. The name Lonar Crater is of a lake, there are various scientific stories related to the lake and in our suggestion, we will suggest you hire a guide so to get a wonderful knowledge and understand the importance of the place. In the forest there is a temple called Kamalja Temple, the temple is beautiful and situated in the lap of mother nature and you should visit the temple and experience the peace and beauty of the temple. In the Lonar village, there is a beautiful temple called "Daitya Sudan Temple". The Daitya Sudan Temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu and was built by the Chalukya dynasty that were ruling all over central India and southern India as well during the 6th and 12th century A.D. The temple is beautifully built with beautiful carvings on the exterior. Inside there are 4 beautiful chambers and in the fourth chamber, there is a four-foot idol of Lord Vishnu established in the temple. The district of Buldhana possesses a lot of beauty in the form of natural beauty and Man-made beauty as well, and now the Fayda app is also functional in the district of Buldhana so you can earn crypto coins while you shop with any of the Fayda-associated shops.

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