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Bhubaneswar is an ancient, capital, and the largest city of the state of Odisha. It is a popular destination for travellers, the major attractions are Rajarani Temple, Mukteshwar Temple, & Lingaraja Temple. The local cuisines are something that brings water into our mouths, so let us tell you about "Abadha". It is a vegetarian delight that is served to the devotees in the Lingraaj and Ananta Vasudeva temples. Another delicious cuisine is "Chhenapoda". It means cheese in Odia, and it is made up of raisin, sugar, cheese, and cashew, and it is baked until it is turned brown and eaten as a dessert. Another cuisine that we are going to tell you about is "Malpua", you can also say it is an Indian version of Pancakes. It is made up of sweet flour batter and served hot. It also served as a prasad in the temple of Lord Jagganath in Puri. As we have talked enough about food, let us talk about the other thing for which Bhubaneswar is equally famous, and yes your guess is right, it is crafts. Let us tell you about "Applique work", which is inspired by temple art. In applique work, the clothes like coloured sarees are stitched in various shapes. Another form of craft is "Paper-mache", paper-mache is the craft done on specially made papers that are very beautiful and very durable as well. The "Patachitra paintings" are also a famous craft form. The Patachitra paintings are inspired by Hindu mythology, especially from the sect of Lord Jagannath and Vaishnav. The colours used in Patachitra paintings are natural and paintings are painted in the traditional way. On our Fayda platform, we have added various sellers and merchants who sell these artworks and cuisine to support their businesses for free. Our Fayda users also get an opportunity to earn from the app in crypto on every shopping they do with Fayda-associated shops.

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