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Bhandara is a small city in the state of Maharashtra with an area of 30 kilometres square. According to the census reports of the year 2011, the total population of the city of Bhandara is 91,845, out of which around 49% of the population is female, and the rest 51% of the population is Male. There are various places for tourists in the city. If you are in the city of Bhandara then you must visit the Koka Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is spread over an area of 92.34 kilometres square and the forest is quite dense. The sanctuary is newly commissioned hence you will not find the modern amenities there, although the Koka Wildlife Sanctuary is full of wildlife and there few exciting animals like leopards, and sloth bears too. Then there is the Indirasagar Dam. The dam is a good place to go and relax and the view is nice so you can click some pictures while enjoying yourself there. There is enough water in the reservoir and the gates of the Dam are beautiful. There is a popular temple named Korambi Devi, the temple is devoted to the goddess Durga. The temple is situated on a hill that is 4 kilometres away from the city of Bhandara. The view from the hill is beautiful as you can see the forest adjoining the river, and people also go there for trekking. The place is famous among the deities who come here for spiritual purposes, and also it is famous among the adventure-loving people as the place is full of greenery and lots of amazing sights. The Fayda app is also now functional in the city of Bhandara so the visitors and the locals can earn crypto coins while they do their shopping with any Fayda-associated seller. Also, the Fayda app shows the shops near them so that they can choose the best deals for themselves.

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