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The city of Beed is situated in the state of Maharashtra. It is a small city having an area of 45 kilometres square. According to the census reports of the year 2001, the total population of the city of Beed is 138,091. Out of which 66,301 people are females, and 71,790 people are males. There is a monument in the city which is very famous, that monument is Kankaleshwar Temple. The Kankaleshwar temple is also mentioned in various ancient texts that belong to the period of the 1500s. The temple resembles Ellora caves and is built out of Black stones, there is also an artificial lake built around the temple that further enhances the beauty of the Kankaleshwar temple. Then there is also another famous temple, and that is Jyotirling Temple. The Jyotirling Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, and people from all over India visit the city of Beed to pray in the Jyotirling Temple. There is also a place called "Bhakt Niwas" near the Jyotirling temple, if you get late in the evening then you can find a place to stay overnight there. If you like nature and like to be surrounded by greenery, then in the city of Beed you can visit the Majalgaon Dam. The dam looks beautiful during the monsoon season as there is a lot of water in the dam, and the greenery around the dam also gets even more beautiful during the season of the Monsoon. The Majalgaon Dam is a very beautiful and calm place, you can visit there with your friends and family to relax for a while. The city of Beed is beautiful, and now the Fayda app is also functional in the city of Beed so that users can earn rewards in the form of crypto coins while they do their shopping.

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