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Barwani is a town situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The area of the town is 5,427 square kilometres, and a population of 13,85,881 people resides in the city. Barwani is a beautiful place as it is surrounded by the greenery of Satpura hills. The city of Barwani is also known by the name "Paris of Nimar". Barwani is very famous for its places like Bawangaja which is the centre of Jain pilgrimage, Chool Giri, & Tir-Gola. The city was named "Barwani" because in the earlier times it was surrounded by forest bad trees, and the word "Wani" means garden. So the city was called to be the garden of bad. There is a temple of Bhilat Dev called Nagalwadi. The place is possessed of exceptional scenic beauty and is located on the border of the state of Madhya Pradesh and the state of Maharashtra. The temple has very beautiful scenic beauty because it is situated on top of the Satpuda hill range. Talking about Bawangaja, it is situated 6 kilometres away from the headquarters of the city. You will get to see 11 temples on the spot which were made back in the 15th century. Apart from that, the place is also having the world's tallest statue of Lord Adinathji. The famous Jain saints Indrajeet and Kumbhakarna are also said to attain Nirvaan from Bawangaja only. Talking about the Teer Gola, the monument looks like an Arrow and a Sphere. The monument is built exactly opposite the Sagar Vilas Palace by Rana Devi Singh in memory of his brother Uday Singh. Barwani is a beautiful place to visit for a short weekend. If you are planning to visit Barwani then don't forget to bring Fayda with you to earn from the app exciting crypto rewards and get discounts on your shopping.

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