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The state of Assam is situated in the northeastern part of India. Assam is very rich with wildlife, tea plantation, & archaeological sites. If you are travelling through Assam, then you must consider buying the tea leaves. The speciality of tea leaves of Assam is that they are very rich in Aroma and taste too. Another thing you should consider buying is Assam milk. We agree that the silk of Assam is a bit expensive, but it is due to its high quality. There are 3 main types of silk that are sold in Assam, the types are Eri silk, Pat, & Muga silk. The Muga silk is quite special as it is used to manufacture the traditional dresses of Assam. On the other hand, pat silk is also used to manufacture garments but that silk is mainly used for summer wear. Talking about the Eri silk, it is not as well refined as the other two types of silk and it is mainly used to make Shawls. The Assam is also very popular for its handicrafts and pickles. The handicraft products are made by using wood, bamboo, etc. Apart from the wooden handicraft, the metal handicrafts of Assam are also quite popular. Talking about pickles, the pickles of Assam have great taste. Usually, they come in tangy & spicy variants. These pickles are made up of local herbs and spices that give a taste to the pickle that can not be found anywhere else. As the Assam is rich in values, the same way our Fayda platform also provides values to its users. The Fayda app gives you an opportunity to earn from the app in crypto while shopping, and the users can use these crypto coins named Fayda coins to get a discount on their next shopping with any Fayda associated shop.

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