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Akot is a small city situated in the city of Maharashtra. According to the census report of the year 2011, Akot is home to a total of 162,903 people, out of which 79,233 are females and 83,670 are males. There are a few popular spots in the city of Akot that you can visit. The first place that you would like to visit is Narnala fort. The fort is built in a beautiful location in the forest of Satpura's Melghat tiger reserve. The fort is surrounded by the forest which is home to various flora and fauna. If you are religious, then there are various temples that you can visit. The Narsing Maharaj Temple is one of the most famous ones. The temple is also known by the name Hut of Narsing Maharaj as in the 18th century the Narsing Maharaj entered into the samadhi at this place. Another famous temple in the city of Akot is Shri Wari Hanuman Temple. The Temple is built near the Shri Hanuman Sagar Dam. The temple is very beautiful and people also visit the temple and the Hanuman Sagar Dam for various water sports. Ganesh Temple is very popular in the city of Akot. The idol that is established in the city is 1000 years old. There is a legend behind the idol that the idol was found by a worker while digging the ground, at the time the city of Akot was suffering from a deadly plague epidemic, and as soon as the idol of Lord Ganesh was established in the temple, the epidemic miraculously disappeared from the city of Akot. Akot is a wonderful place that's worth visiting. If you are going to visit the city of Akot, then worry not as the Fayda app is already present there to show you the best deals around you.

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