Stores in aizawl

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Aizawl is the largest city in the state of Mizoram, it was established in 1890 & it is the capital of Mizoram as well. The meaning of Aizawl is "the home of the highlanders", which is very suitable for the city as the city is situated in a place that is 3500 feet above sea level. As the Aizawl is situated on such heights it is blessed with beautiful waterfalls and various hills as well which makes the Aizawl very popular among tourists. If you are planning to visit Aizwal and also intend to go shopping for local brands, then there is a bazar called "Burra Bazar". Burra bazar can be the one-stop destination for all of your shopping needs. the Burra bazar is mainly filled with shops that sell jackets and locally made shawls. The Bazar is very famous for clothes shopping and by the roadside, you can also get to taste some local made tasty cuisines. Although the bazar is very narrow and it is mostly having traffic jams all around the place. Apart from the crowd and traffic jams, you also need to keep in mind that the shops in Burra bazar start closing at 6 pm. If you are someone who is very artistic and not much into clothing, then in Aizwal you can visit "Luangmual handicrafts centre". The Luangmual handicrafts centre is a popular hotspot for locally made handicrafts. The Luangmual handicrafts centre offers a wide variety of products, from bamboo handicrafts to traditional lungis, everything is available in a single place and that is also at reasonable prices. On our Faydfa platform, we are listing small-scale sellers so that we can help them in acquiring new customers and grow their business. Also, we give our Fayda users an opportunity to earn from the app as every time they shop through any fayda associated shop they get earn rewards and discounts in crypto coins.

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