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The city of Ahmedabad is situated in the western part of India in the state of Gujarat. The Sabarmati river flows from the middle of the city which enhances the scenic beauty of the city. The city of Ahmedabad is also the home of the famous Gandhi Ashram in which the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi used to reside. The city of Ahmedabad is famous all around the world for its cotton textiles. The cotton work of Ahmedabad is also very popular and one of the best-selling products of Ahmedabad. The Lal Darwaza of Ahmedabad is a popular shopping destination, the speciality of Lal darwaja is in Fabrics, Belts, Chaniya cholis, Shoes, and skirts. You will find fast food as well on the street of Lal darwaja & the dhokla, dosa, samosa, and pani puri are very delicious in the Lal darwaja market. The Manek chowk is another popular spot in the city. The market serves different purposes at different times throughout the day. In the morning it is a vegetable market, in the afternoon it turns into a bullion market, and in the evening it becomes heaven for the food lovers as food stalls take over the street of Manek chowk. Near the Manek chowk is "Rani No Hajirao" which means "Queen's tomb". The Rani ni hajirao is famous for its print work on fabrics and the chunky pieces of silver are also very loved by the people of Ahmedabad. Although the streets of Rani ni hajirao are also taken over by the food stalls around 8:30 pm and remain open till 1:30 am. As the city of Ahmedabad is very versatile, the same way our Fayda platform is also very versatile. For the sellers, it helps them to retain existing customers and acquire new customers through free marketing done by the Fayda team. And for customers, the Fayda app gives an opportunity to earn from app in crypto, as the users shop by Fayda they get free crypto coins as Fayda coins, the same crypto coins they can use to get a discount on their next shopping from any Fayda associated shop.

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