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The city of Adilabad is situated in the state of Telangana. Adilabad is also known as the "white gold city" because it is very rich in cotton cultivation. You can get to see a variety of languages being spoken in the city of Adilabad as around 65% of the population speaks the native Telugu language, around 10% of the population can also speak the Marathi language, and other languages like Urdu, Hindi, & Gondi is also spoken there. Adilabad is also very rich in natural treasures. It is blessed with various beautiful waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, temples, etc. Adilabad is also very famous for its handicrafts and craftsmanship. If you visit Adilabad and see the stone carving and wood carving of the craftsmen then you will definitely fall in love with the art pieces. A number of craftsmen are there in Adilabad but very few people have seen their art. This is because they are unable to compete with the big corporate giants and are not able to sell their products and reach their potential customers. Due to this, they have very fewer earnings even though the quality of their product is of very high quality. The brass handicrafts of Adilabad are also very attractive but very few people are aware of them. They have a very good potential for export and if it is done right then the handicraft industry of Adilabad will grow and it will be very beneficial for the local tribes. We at Fayda app try to support the local small-scale merchants so their art and work can be appreciated by the people and they get their deserved share of earnings too. On our Fayda app, we list the small-scale merchants and also list their products and services with their respective prices so that potential customers will get to know about them. The users also get the benefits from the Fayda app platform as every time they shop through a Fayda-associated shop they get some rewards in cryptocurrency through which they can avail the discounts in the future.

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