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The city of Tirupur is situated in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The city of Tirupur is home to a total of 444,352 people according to the census report of the year 2011. The city of Tirupur was ruled by a number of dynasties like Cholas, Pandyas, Mysore kingdom, etc. And that is why it has some of the most beautiful architectural marvels that you should see while visiting the city. The city of Tirupur is world known because of its hosiery, garments, knitted clothes and etc. It is also a Centre for cotton ginning as well in India. If you are in the city of Tirupur, then you must go and see the Avinashi Temple. In the city, the temple is known by many names like Avainasiappar Temple, Avinasilingeswara Temple, and Karnaiyaaththaal Temple as well. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvati, and it was built by the Chola dynasty. Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary is also an amazing place for you to visit if you love wildlife. The Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary has a number of landscapes that you would like to capture on your camera like Waterfalls, plateaus, deep valleys, etc. There are a number of species that you can get to see in the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, some of the most endangered ones are Asian Elephants, Lio-tailed macaques, Asian elephants, Bengal tigers, and the giant Indian squirrels as well. In the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, there are about 250 species of birds, 315 species of beautiful butterflies, 20 species of mammals, and over 18 species of reptiles as well. The city of Tirupur will make you fall in love with it, the same way the Fayda app makes you fall in love with its crypto rewards. Yes, you can earn crypto rewards through the Fayda app even while shopping in the city of Tirupur.

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