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Rohtak is a beautiful city situated in the state of Haryana. The city of Rohtak is home to an approx 373,133 people as per the census report of the year 2011. The city of Rohtak is quite famous in the state of Haryana and in the whole country as well. The city of Rohtak is known for having the largest cloth market in entire Asia, and it is also popular for having the most number of diaries in the entire country of India. There are a few popular spots among tourists like Tilyar Lake. Tilyar Lake has become a popular getaway destination for the people of Delhi. Tilyar lake has almost everything for you to spend a nice weekend there like it has multi cuisine restaurants, a zoo, a lake for boating, a bar, swings, resorts, a toy train, adventure and sports as well. As we are talking about the picnic spots, let us tell you about Splash Water Park. The Splash Water Park is situated on Delhi-Hisar road, and it is one of the best water parks that the city of Rohtak has. It is a great picnic spot where you can go to take a break from your busy life as most of the people of the city of Delhi have. The area of Splash Water Park is spread across the land of 5 acres and it gives a beautiful experience of hospitability, peace and privacy as well. As the city of Rohtak is a very happening place, our Fayda app happens to be functioning there as well. You can use the Fayda app on your phone to see the best deals around you and can also shop with any Fayda-associated shop to earn rewards in the form of crypto coins while shopping in the beautiful city of Rohtak.

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