Stores in Patna

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Patna is the largest city in the state of Bihar and is the capital of the state as well. According to the census report of the year 2011, the city of Patna is the 19th most populated city in India with over 2 million people residing in it. There are a lot of attractions for tourists in the city of Patna like the Buddha Smriti Park, The park was commemorated on the 2,554th birth anniversary of Lord Buddha. The park is famous for the two trees that were planted by the famous personality Dalai Lama and also a beautiful statue of Lord Buddha makes the park unique and famous. Another major attraction of the city of Patna is Agam Kuan. The place has a lot of legends about it as it is said to be related to the Mauryan emperor Ashoka. It is believed that the place was used for torturing the offenders by emperor Ashoka as the well was used to emanate fire. It is also said that in the same well the emperor Ashoka threw his 99 brothers to become the sole ruler of the great Mauryan empire. Another place that is worth visiting in the city of Patna is Gandhi Ghat. It is said that the ashes of the great freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi were immersed in this ghat. The ghat is full of life every weekend as the pooja is performed in the evening as a ritual. The priests dressed in saffron robes start the pooja by blowing the conch shell and then it goes on along with prayers and songs. Patna is full of surprises and has every flavor in the city. In the same way, our Fayda app is also full of crypto rewards for the users that they get on shopping with the Fayda-associated shops.

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