Stores in Neemuch

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Neemuch is a small town in the malwa region situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh, The town shares its northwestern border with the state of Rajasthan as well. As per the census of the year 2011, the town is home to a total of 1,27,000 people, out of which around 47% of the population were females and the rest 53% of the population were male. The town is known for its natural habitats and for its relaxed and calming environment. There is a dam called Gandhi Sagar Dam, the dam is so beautiful that you will forget all of your tiredness after seeing the wonderful scenic view from the dam. The dam is built in the lap of mother nature and possesses a lot of beauty that our eyes won't get tired of seeing. There is also an amazing place in Neemuch called Sukhanand Dham. In the Sukhanand Dham, there is an ancient Shivalinga placed in the Dham that is worshipped. If you visit the Dham in the monsoon season, then you will get to see a beautiful waterfall passing by and in the season of monsoon, the greenery around the Sukhanand Dham is also very beautiful. Another wonderful place that you can visit is Nava Toran Temple. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and is made on campus, along with the temple the office of the Archaeological Survey of India is also there. The temple is in very bad condition but still, you can see the beautiful carvings and details on the pillars and stones of the Nava Toran Temple. If you are visiting Neemuch, then you don't need to worry much, because the Fayda app is there to help you. You can see the shops with their great deals that are near you and you can also earn crypto coins through the Fayda app.

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