Stores in Nagda

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Nagda is known as an industrial town in the Ujjain district situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The town Nagda is situated on the banks of the Chambal river and has the manufacturing unit for Viscose Fibre. Nagda also has a chemical plant, and a thermal power plant as well. Well if you are planning to visit Nagda then you must visit the city during the festive season. All the festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and are very exciting. You can get to see temples in almost every corner of the city and one of the most famous temples in the city is the Birla mandir. The Birla Mandir is devoted to Lord Vishnu by Aditya Birla Family. The temples are made out of white stones, and the family believes that the building of these temples brings a good fate for their family and business and that is why they don't want to stop building them. Talking about the Food and cuisines of Nagda, the city starts its day with snacks like Samosa, Kachori, Poha, and Jalebi. And there is one thing they love the most and that is "Ratlami Sev". On occasions or special events, you can easily see people of Nagda preparing Dal Baati Churma. Dal Baati Churma is a very famous dish in the Malwa region and it can be consumed for both lunch and dinner. If you are in Nagda, then you can see these snacks and food selling in the various spots in the city. And if you are planning to visit the city, then don't forget to use Fayda app for your shopping in the city. You can earn from the app in cryptocurrency on every shopping you do with any of the Fayda-associated shops, And you can also avail yourself of discounts on these shops.

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