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Mumbai is the financial capital of India & it is the largest city in India as well. The area of Mumbai is 603.4 km square and it is one of the most populated cities in India. Mumbai is the home to most of the millionaires and billionaires in India, & it is also rich in cultural heritage as there are 3 UNESCO world heritage sites that are Victorian and Art Deco building, Elephant caves, and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus are situated in Mumbai. Mumbai is also very famous for its fashion industry, as we know Bollywood is in Mumbai, so the latest and most fashionable clothing & accessories are available in Mumbai. Some of the most famous places where you can go shopping are Colaba causeway, Bandra linking road, Fashion street, Manish Market, Khar cloth market, Palladium mall, Phoenix marketcity, Infinity mall, & Inorbit mall. Apart from the Fashion industry, Mumbai is also the hub for various Spices and Masalas. The vada pav and Pav Bhaaji are very famous food to eat in Mumbai. If you wish to try the best street food in Mumbai, then you must go to Juhu Chopati. Whether it is clothing or it is the food you are in love with, Mumbai will offer you the best it has. If you are planning to travel through Mumbai, then there are many popular hotel chains like Taj hotel, Marriott, etc. are present to make your stay as much comfortable as possible, & if you are low on budget then also you can get Lodge for your stays which offers every essential amenity that you will need. Mumbai is also called the city of dreams, and that is true because it changes the fortune of people. As Mumbai changes the fortune of people our Fayda platform also changes the fortune of local vendors. On our Fayda platform, we have registered the shops that sell high-quality products at reasonable prices. You can also earn from the app in crypto while shopping. Every time you will shop through Fayda you will get crypto coins for your shopping as Fayda coins and you can use the same crypto coins to get a discount on your next shopping.

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