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Jabalpur is a city situated in Madhya Pradesh in an area of 367 km square, and a population of 14,44,667 lac people resides in the city. Jabalpur city is one of the busiest cities in Madhya Pradesh & it has a beautiful subtropical climate. The main attractions of Jabalpur city are Chausath Yogini temple, Rani Durgawati Museum, Marble fort, & Madan mahal fort. Jabalpur is based on the bank of river Narmada & it is one of the most prominent cities in India. The industries that are very prosperous in Jabalpur are the electrical industry, poultry industry, & readymade garments industry. Jabalpur is very famous for its scenic views of marble rocks & it is also known as the launchpads for tiger parks like Kanha national park, Pench national park, & Bandhavgarh national park. Apart from all these, the people residing in Jabalpur are also very fond of food. The famous food dishes of Jabalpur are Biryani, Seekh kabab, jalebi made up of Khoye, and poha as well. Apart from these dishes, the "Khopra pak" is also very popular in Jabalpur. It is based on coconut and complimented with cardamom & saffron to enhance the taste. The texture of Khopra pak is very sweet and soft, and to make it that way the mawa is added to the mixture. Jabalpur is one of the most important cities of Madhya Pradesh as it inhabits a large population and it has various attractions for tourists. On our Fayda platform we promote local sellers, and to promote the local sellers of Jabalpur we have listed some of the best shops in Jabalpur and registered them on our Fayda platform. With the help of the Fayda platform, our users get to see the shops near them, their product, & their prices as well. They also get to earn from the app in crypto, every time they shop through Fayda they get crypto coins as Fayda coins. The users can use the same crypto coins to get a discount on their next shopping from any Fayda associated store.

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